Customer Acquisition, Retention, and Development Strategies

I have sent you an assignment bride you can pick one company out of the 5. Macdonalds would be the easiest one but it is your choice. all information has to be based in the UK in terms of sources and stuff like statistics and stuff like that, in terms of anything else it can be anything you like. I have sent you also an assignment done by someone last year and what the format is about. a along with that I have also sent you a PowerPoint of some CRM models. question 4 it will ask on the brief to use the CRM model from that PowerPoint for the company you choose to do a report on. I also sent you an assessment criteria to give you guidance on where you can be. If there is anything more please let me know.

the second assignment I will send to you too so double the money but I pray you can do an amazing job on this with only 10% plagiarism. the other I did it on five I got in trouble. I’ve been struggling and wanted your help

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