project management: SOW WBS 2021

the refinement of the scope statement and project statement of work (SOW) is derived from this information we will also construct a work breakdown structure (WBS) and associated WBS dictionary. In this module create four deliverables for your PMNB for the Political Strategy Section. These are:

1) Scope Statement
2) Project Statement of Work (SOW)
3) Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
4) Work Breakdown Structure Dictionary
For the Scope Statement, this is just a refinement of the preliminary scope statement provided in your Project Charter. It should be a narrative statement that is a couple of paragraphs.

For the Project Statement of Work (SOW) outline the activities needed to satisfy your level 2 activities within the WBS. Refer to the information in the course syllabus for WBS and SOW creation requirements. Note: the WBS dictionary for level 2 activities will satisfy this requirement.

For the Work Breakdown Structure, need to create one at least to the 3rd level. This level should identify a minimum of 20 tasks. Remember the more robust the WBS is the easier it will be later to create the network diagram and master schedule. Use the project work breakdown structure template provided for documenting your WBS (hierarchy and tabular form).

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS):
a. In diagram or outline format
b. At least 20 work packages
c. Correctly coded
d. WBS Dictionary – a more detailed definition of each work package and can include but is not required to include all of the following:
i. Code of account identifier,
ii. Description of work,
iii. Responsible organization,
iv. List of schedule milestones,
v. Associated schedule activities,
vi. Resources required,
vii. Cost estimates,
viii. Quality requirements,
ix. Acceptance criteria,

For the WBS Dictionary, the outline provides a brief description of the work required to perform the level 2 and level 3 work in your WBS. Note: if there are more than 3 levels you will also want to provide WBS dictionary entries for those WBS items beyond level 3 as well. level.

Sources are not required- Use the PMBOK in reference to some of the material.
The project is a rebranding of DC’s Outdoors and a Resourcing to US-based suppliers. Attachments are the charter of the mission and an example of the WBS.

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