Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

Instructions for Case Study Paper


Case basics: Gilbert Grape in an 8-year-old, white male. He is in the 2nd grade and was referred to the school social worker because of being extremely shy. He stays to himself during recess & lunch. Very anxious when called on during class. He will be found to have social anxiety.


9 pages

3 references for the section Evidence of Effectiveness.

Therapy Model: Cognitive Behavior Therapy


NOTE: References are only needed for the Evidence of Effectiveness section. By references, it’s scholarly case study. For example


The other sections should be in your own words.  Added to the case as needed.




Use subheadings to identify the sections of the paper and should use transition sentences at the beginning and end of the sections to guide the reader from one section to another.  Headings, subheadings, citations within the body of the paper and references should be in APA style. References should be from scholarly publications, not informal internet postings.


In this project, apply Cognitive Behavior therapy. Base your paper on how you would use it in the case as a social worker in a public school in the US.  Develop an assessment and intervention plan for this case, keeping all identifying information confidential. Your paper should include the following sections, identified with subheadings:


Introduction – 10 pts

Briefly summarize for the reader what the paper will cover.


Case Example – 20 pts

Describe the issues in the case from the point of view of your treatment model. What is causing the problems in the case, and what will help? Your comments should reflect only the theory underlying the treatment model that is the focus of your paper.


Engage with Individuals and Families – 20 pts

Describe how you would establish a therapeutic relationship with the client(s) in this case. What would be some challenges, in engaging with these client(s), and how would you address them?


Assess Individuals and Families – 20 pts

Explain how to conduct an assessment of these client(s) based on your treatment model. What questions would you ask, what would you observe in the client(s)?



Intervene with Individuals and Families – 20 pts

What techniques, flowing directly from the assessment, would you use to help the client(s)?



Demonstrate Ethical and Professional Behavior – 20 pts

Describe a challenge in this case, and how you would respond with ethical and professional behavior.


Engage Diversity and Difference in Practice – 20 pts

Describe a way in which diversity and difference were present in the client(s) in this case. Describe how you would address these characteristics with competent social work skills.


Evidence of Effectiveness – 20 pts

Summarize three research studies that have evaluated your treatment model. Try to select studies that have evaluated the use of this treatment model to address a case with problems similar to your case (if none exist, then just review whatever studies of this model you can find). Do these studies lend credibility to the treatment model and the theory? State what further research needs to be done to test the effectiveness of this model.


Evaluation Plan – 20 pts

Briefly consider how you would evaluate the progress in the case. Identify the goals and changes experienced by the client that would indicate progress, and how you would measure or document them.


Conclusion – 20 pts

This should be a brief summary of what was included in the paper, including: the treatment model used, a conclusion about the usefulness of the assessment and treatment approach, and further research needed.


References in APA style – 10 pts



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